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KIET Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre has been set-up to promote innovative work in the Institute to create better, talented, creative and well-rounded engineers.

The centre will offer opportunities to augment your theoretical knowledge through a practice based curriculum thereby making you more competitive for the job market.

It will also give an opportunity to connect your innovative work with real world problems / industry needs and will also lead to the creation of market ready projects.


‘Shaping young minds with skill-oriented and value-based education’- these words acceptably symbolize the mission and execution of KIET Group of Institutions. The Group aspires to advance knowledge and educate students in various disciplines of engineering, management, computer applications and pharmacy.

Dr. (Col) A Garg - Director

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KIET group of Institutions

KIET Group of Institutions strives to create technically competent professionals who can contribute productively towards the betterment of the Industry and the Society as a whole.

With a rich alumni base of 16000 + students spread in all the nooks and corners of the world, KIET Group of Institutions is moving efficiently towards its vision of shaping young minds with skill-oriented & value based education as these alumni serve the dual purpose of mentoring the present students, as well as opening new doors for them.