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Candle ecosystem

Candle ecosystem is a family of embedded systems that are highly interactive and programmable by the user. Fast, reliable and easy to program is the picture in the project portrait. Candle ecosystem is named after 'Candle', which reminds us that whenever our people, our country needs the light, Indian hand-made technology  will pave the way.


Object Oriented Programming
Software development
Operating system design
Embedded systems
Team leading


In these tough times where speech creates the most effect, we can all stick to speaking the right, helpful and informative. Helping each other and donating wherever possible is the best we can do.

About Me

Pravesh Narayan Soni

I am an experienced software developer with well developed skills in new modern technological ecosystems. Happily volunteering in lead roles and service optimization of 'Swaastha-sewa'. I have got an artistic side to me where I am a happy classical musician.

Pravesh is a fast-paced skill developing engineering student who is working on Embedded systems, Software developing and Operating system design for three years. He has worked in a few stream-line industrial companies which has helped him have at it with his experience with the world's leading technologies.

In particular, he is focused in developing his experience and skillset with the help of his projects that are focused on direct flight in industrial and educational markets.

  • Pravesh has worked in his college as a Student training/teaching assistant, for fresher students of B. Tech, which has helped him develop his presentation and preparatory mindset. He has learnt to interact with a larger group of people that are willing to be led by him.
  • His primary voluntary experience is as a President of 'Inav club' of innovate craft and innovation center in his college. He has volunteered as a managing and technical lead in his club for two years.

Pravesh has a 'helping - team building - pushing the extra mile' mindset that has been his go-to method since he has learned to work as an asset to his team.



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